Project Monitoring & Evaluation Division


Preparation, supervision and coordination of the annual Action Plan of the Department of Archaeology and educating the Ministry / Department/ other outside organizations and the public on plans and activities of the Department.


  1. Preparation of annual action plan after obtaining project proposals.
  2. Approval of project proposals / indication of expenditure and making them available to Divisional Heads / Provincial Heads who implement them.
  3. Performing follow ups on projects and obtaining interim progress reports on them.
  4. Obtaining Preliminary Reports on projects from the provincial heads and divisional heads concerned in completion of projects.
  5. Obtaining final project reports (Aili repots) from the provincial heads and divisional heads.
  6. Furnishing information on departmental projects when required, by Ministries / other departments and individuals.
  7. Organization and coordination of meetings of the Archaeological Advisory Board / Staff officers / Staff officers of the Head Office and other Progress Review Meetings of all types.
  8. On receipt of monthly progress reports from all persons of the 'officer' category by the Provincial and Divisional Heads, particulars of all 'officer' who furnished such progress reports are to be made available to the Planning Division (on the prescribed form).

Services Rendered

Monthly / Quarterly / Annual report of services rendered by each division of the department and update information on their progress to the Department and the Ministry.

To work in coordination with the Ministry/ Department/ Regional offices and with other outside organizations whenever required.

Department of Archaeology
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