Maintenance Division

This is the Main Division which safeguards and maintains archaeological monuments and reserved lands in which other divisions of the Department of Archaeology are intervened, is the Maintenance Division.

This division performs the following activities in order to achieve the above objectives.

  • Promotion of human and institutional resources.
  • Demarcation of archaeological reserved lands and their maintenance.
  • Conservation, establishment, maintenance and preservation at park level of protected monuments selected for basic conservation during the year.
  • Fixing of necessary display boards at the archaeological sites and providing infrastructure facilities to departmental employees and tourists.
  • Maintenance of new buildings of the department.
  • Fulfillment of essential maintenance work of protected monuments belonging to individuals.
  • Issue of trade license for selected archaeological sites.
  • Compilation of reports on previous maintenance work.

The Maintenance Division which functions in this manner implements the concepts of maintenance zones under the decentralization of the Maintenance Division in regions. Thus as illustrated below, all archaeological maintenance work is implemented in their respective zones. Similarly, in accordance with the archaeological policy, the Maintenance Division functions as Northern Circle and Southern Circle under two Deputy Directors.

Maintenance Zones Allocated According to the Divisional Secretariats Divisions

Northern Province                    -  04 zones

North Central Province             -  09 zones

Western Province                     -  06 zones

North Western Province           -  08 zones

Central Province                       -  06 zones

Western Province                     -  04 zones

Sabaragamuwa Province         -  06 zones

Uva Province                            -  06 zones

Southern Province                    -  06 zones

Activities of the Maintenance Division

  01. Repairs to Departmental buildings.


  • Head office
  • 09 Regional offices

      Regional Office, Ampara  
  02. Supply of minor tools and implements to archaeological sites.  
    Implements required by worksites are to be obtained under the annual financial provision distributed to Provincial Offices.  
  03. Archaeological circuit Bungalows (Repairs to field quarters and museums)  
  • 07 circuit bungalows
  • 14 museums
  • Mihintale museum

      Mihintale museum  
  04. Construction of roads and foot paths  
  • Construction of gravel roads and annual maintenance.
  • Construction of foot paths in parks and their maintenance.
  • Establishment of foot steps and laying.
      Foot Paths at Hatthikuchchi Stone Laying at Ritigala  
  05. Maintenance of conserved Monuments  
    Roofs of monuments once conserved are to be repaired again approximately in 10 years (Target is 20 sites per year)  

    Katupotha Galahena Vihara  
  06. Construction of retaining walls and establishment of monument walls.  
    Parts of wall strengthened by architectural conservation are subject to destruction due to natural causes and human activities . Such walls are to be reestablished and masonary strengthening should take place.  
      The wall established at the archaeological site at
Kulumimakada archaeological site  
  07. Landscaping at Archaeological sites and provision of facilities for Departmental employees and tourists.  
  • Formulation of a pilot plan.
  • Planning and construction of foot paths, toilet facilities, vehicle parks, accordingly. Places for supplying electricity and water.
  • Repairs of worksite officers' and employees’ quarters.
  • Tree planting and protection of natural vegetation.
      Kaludiya Pokuna at Mihintale Asana Ghara at Kokambe  
  08. Preparation of Boards  
    The Department of Archaeology fixes the following boards at sites for giving directions to and raising awareness in tourists.  
  • Road signs
  • Identification Boards at sites.
  • Identification boards near monuments
  • Boards relating to warnings , ordinances and law.
  • Boards containing translation of Inscriptions.
      Board with road signs Board with a warning message  
      Identification boards near monuments Board with translations of inscriptions  
  09. Fixing boundary poles and erection of fences.  
  • Demarcation of archaeological reserves after surveying and partitioning them.
  • Protection of land by fixing gates and erecting fences in special places such as small archaeological sites and excavation sites.
  10. Providing Infrastructure facilities to new Archaeological sites.  
  • Construction of new site offices, stores and hostels.
  • Provision of water, electricity, telephones and toilet facilities
  • Organizing infrastructure facilities to residents who are removed from the acquired lands.
Places and monuments maintained at present by the Maintenance Division are as follows:
  Museums 14    
  Field Quarters 08    
  Circuit Bungalows 07    
  Sales outlets for books 15    
  Provincial laboratories 03    
  Work sites 2488    
  Monuments 7056
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