Director General of Archaeology

Professor D.Thusitha Mendis
Professor D.Thusitha MendisDirector General of Archaeology

As we embark on a new chapter in preserving Sri Lanka's rich heritage, it is imperative to recognize the evolving landscape of archaeology. Today, our discipline stands at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific inquiry, leveraging advanced technological methods to unravel the mysteries of our past.

In a nation brimming with over two hundred and fifty thousand archaeological sites and a wealth of antiquities, our responsibility as stewards of this legacy is more critical than ever. We stand as custodians of our cultural heritage, entrusted with the solemn duty to safeguard it for future generations.

However, our mandate extends beyond mere preservation. As we look to the future, we must harness the power of archaeology to foster national unity and drive sustainable development. Our heritage is not just a relic of the past; it is a catalyst for progress, a source of inspiration that binds us together as a nation.

As Director General of Archaeology, I envision a future where our archaeological endeavors unearth the secrets of antiquity and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous society. By embracing innovation and forging partnerships across disciplines, we can unlock the full potential of our heritage, charting a course towards a brighter tomorrow.

Together, let us embark on this journey with courage and conviction, mindful of our duty to honour the past, shape the present, and chart a course for the future. In doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to preserving our cultural heritage as a beacon of national pride and unity.

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