Promotion Division

Functions performed by the Promotion Division

1. Issuance of permits for taking photographs at archaeological sites
2. To carry out all media activities belonging to the Department of Archaeology
3. Archeology Exhibitions
                  - Conducting School Exhibitions
                  - Exhibitions of Government Institutions (upon request)
                  - Conducting archaeological exhibitions in private institutions 
                  - Conducting archaeological exhibitions in temples

4. Awareness programs
                 - Conducting lectures at the head office of the Department of Archaeology
                 -Public awareness of new discoveries in archaeology
                 -Also giving lectures on archaeology in schools and government institutions through local offices
                -Conducting sermons on the subject of history according to the school curriculum

5. Publication Printing
               - Book printing by archaeology subject
               -Book printing for schoolchildren
               -Books are printed for university students/public as well as those with a special interest in science.
              -List of publications currently in the bookstore
             -Books are currently being purchased from the existing local office-affiliated bookstores.

6. Functions performed under the Freedom of Information Act in terms of Section 10 of the Information Act.
  • Number of requests received so far - 237
  • Amount of information provided - 235
  • Denials - 02
  • Amount of fees received for information - Rs.2103.00
  • Quantity of Appeals – 05
Department of Archaeology
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