Director General of Archaeology

Prof. Anura Manatunga
Prof. Anura ManatungaDirector General of Archeology
Currently, the Department of Archaeology faces greater and challenging responsibilities than ever before whilst archaeology has become a well-developed scientific discipline based on advanced technological methods. Sri Lanka despite the fact of being a tiny speck of an island in the Indian Ocean, is a land of prestige and glory, as she boasts of over two hundred and fifty thousand archaeological sites and a legacy of innumerable antiquities. According to the Antiquities Ordinance, No. 9 of 1940 and its Amendment No. 24 of 1998, the protection of this heritage is the sole responsibility of the Director General of Archaeology. No organization or other authority can deny the responsibility held by him.
Department of Archaeology
Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha,
Colombo - 07, Sri Lanka.

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