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Soranetota Budugekanda Cave Temple

This temple is located in the Soranatota District Secretariat Division of the Badulla District in  the Uva Province. It could be reached traversing for about 4 miles from Badulla on the road to Pahahawatta.

The cave temple is the oldest monument found here. A thatched roof on wattle and doab walls protects the cave wih a drip-ledge. The entrance is adorned with a Makara Torana with the images of  two doormen placed on eitherside. A reclining Buddha image is found in the cave.

The walls of the temple is decorated with paintings of Buddhist events such as the sixteen Buddhisit sacred sites, twenty four previous Buddhas. The ceiling is painted with motifs of lotuses and the Twin Swans.The walls of the entrance has the painting of the Vessantara Jataka and the other walls are painted with the  invitation by the gods to Bodhisatva. The Buddha images and the paintings in this temple depict the typical Kandyan tradition.

The cave temple has annexed a number of buildings such as a monastery, a preaching hall  etc. The Archaeological Department has declared this temple as a protected monument.