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The ancient Fortress of Keppitipola

This monument is located in the Keppitipola village of Keppitipola Palugama Grama Niladhari Division in the Welimada District Secretariat Division of the Badulla District of the Uva province. It is 8km from Welimada on the Kandy road.

It is said in the folk lore of the area that this had been built by Keppitipola Nilame as a garrison for military purposes. It is also said that this had been a stable. A hook like contraption jutting out of the wall believed to be a supporting device to tie horses could also be seen.

The front wall of the fortress is 18 inches thick and has an entrance in the form of a small arch. The side walls are taller and are leaning outwrads with cracks appearing on the surface. Presently the fortress is beng used as a textile manufacturing institution.

This place is also known as Milsontenna, Tikiyatenna and Palugama. The Archaeological Department has conserved the fortress to protect the walls from rain and has declared it as a protected monument.