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The Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatva Image at Dambegoda

Dambegoda is near Okkampitiya in the Buttala Divisional Secretariat Division of the Monaragala District of the Uva Province. It could be reached by proceeding to the right towards Okkampitiya at the Kumbukkane Junction  on the Wellawaya-Moneragala road up to Maligawila  and beyond another km.

The image which had been subjected to damage due to human intrvention was restored  in 1990 by the Archaeological Department. Made of crystalline lime stone, the Bodhisatva image is 10m in height and weighs about 40 Tons.

The image can be described as a Bodhisatva, sculptured of the Samabhanga  posture depicting strength, vitality, royalty and displaying the Katakahasta Mudra. The head band of the statue has a  miniature image of a  Buddha of the Samadhi posture. The imperial looking statue is adorned with royal jewellery. It is mounted on a mound with several tiers becoming smaller when reaching the top and may have been  sheltered by a canopy. Avalokeiteshvara Bodhisatva tradition has evolved with Mahayana Buddhism.  ‍It is believed that worshipping Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatva could bring to the adherants security and the efficasy to cure sickness. It  is believed that this could be the spot mentioned in the Mahavamsa where Prince Agbo of Ruhuna is said to have constructed homes and bestowed them to the blind and the sick at Kanagama.This statue signifies the trend towards the Bodhisatva worship during the latter part of the Anuradhapura period.