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Galabedda town is in the Moneragala District of the Uva Province and is near the 2nd mile post on the Monaragala –Potuvil road.

A building of a palace surrounded by a bulwark and a moat is seen. It is believed to be a residual palace of a provincial governor. The palace is similar to those found in Polonnaruwa and Panduvasnuvara but looks smaller in size. The ruins of the palace comprises  a fair  number of stone columns and foundations. The name Udundora had been used to denote it in the past. The remnants of an ancient dagoba and an image house is found in the precincts.

The Galabedda pond is located near the 28th  mile post. It being a rock formation  is  known as Kellanne Vala. It could be a part of the palace complex as well. Water flows into the pond through the Makara mouths fixed on the four cardinal directions. The floor of the pond is made of stone slabs and stone conduits are available for the water to enter and exit the pond. Near the pond are a vestibule and a urinal. The whole complex is bounded by a parapet.