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Buduruwagala is situated in the Wellawaya District Secretariat Division of the Moneragala District. It could be reached by traversing 4 km along the road opposte the Buduruwagala School which is about 4km from Wellawaya on the Wellawaya –Tissamaharama road.

Seven statues sculptured on relief of the rock during the 9th -10th c A.D. are seen in a single rock face. Of the seven Mahayana statues, three smaller statues each are sculptured on either side of the main Buddha statue.

The centrally sculptured main Buddha image is the tallest in Sri Lanka and is 51feet in height. The Buddha is in the Samabhanga posture and has the right hand gesturing  the Abhaya Mudra. On the right of the Standing Buddha image are the sculptures of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatva, Goddess Tara,  Prince Sudhana and on the left are the sculptures of Maitree Bodhisatva, Vajrapani Bodhisatva and an unidentifiable deity. These sculptures could be identified as a collection of the Buddha and Bodhisatva figures with Mahayana influence.