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Katuwana Dutch Fort

Dutch Fortress of Katuwana

The Katuwana fortress located near the Katuwana District Secretariat is of Dutch construction. Although the location suits the creation, this particular location had been selected by King Vijayabahu I as a security zone during the Polonnaruva period.

The Dutch themselves had selected the location for a fortress owing to the natural security rendered by the Urubokka Stream and the Ratmale hill. The fort was built to provide security to the Kandy-Matara highway and to render protection to the commercial ventures undertaken by them.

The height of the fort externally is 16 cubits and internally 11 cubits and may have had two garrets and a single entrance. According to Brohier’s reports this fort had been subjected to number of attacks from the Sinhalese people. On 8th February 1761 the Sinhala regiment had overpowered the Dutch occupied fort.