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Vilgam Rajamaha Vihara

This temple is located in Baragama in the Ambalantota  District Secretariat Division. The Sumangala Vilasini Atthakatha mentions that King Kavantissa had constructed this as a monastery for Buddhist nuns. It is said in the same chronicle that during the 12 years of famine known as “Beminitiyasaya” a nun who was the sister of the chief prelate of Tissamaharama had taken refuge in this nunnery.

The ancient Dagoba had undergone a complete renovation and evidence exists that the temple complex had been encircled by a parapet. It appears that a stream had been in existance along the parapet of this precinct containing the religious structures. The archiectural features  of Vilgam Vihara brings out the characteristics of a Pabbata Vihara.