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Situlpavuva Vihara

Situlpavua Vihara could be approached by traversing 18 miles along the Tissamaharama-Yodhakandiya Road towards the Yala sanctuary. It is in the Tissamaharama District Secretariat Division.

In the Chronicles and in inscriptions this is known as Cittalapabbata Vihara built by King Kavantissa (100-140 B.C.). Mahavamsa states that King Kavantissa had cnstructed a fully fledged monastery comprising Alms Halls, Preaching Halls etc. and had held religious observances for seven days before bestowing it to the Maha Sangha. Cittalapabbata Vihara in Rohana could be considered a maha vihara (great monastery) similar to the Mahavihara (Great Monastery) in Anuradhapura.

Evidence that  King Vasabha had constructed 10 dagobas in the site and that they were renovated during the reigns of Kings Mahadathika Mahanaga and Amandagamini is discernible. Several donations had been bestowed to the monastery during the reign of Kings Mahallaka Naga and Dappula. Of the many cave inscriptions discovered in the Temple premises are those which state that offerings had been made to the temple by Nandimitra and Velusumana of the ten paladins of King Dutugemunu. In the cave known as Korawak Lena, parts of paintings of the Anuradhapura era had been dicovered.

In addition the ruins of stone Buddha images, Bodhisatva images, Image Houses, Circular Relic Houses are spread throughout the temple premises.