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Tissamaharama Sandagiri Vihara

Tissamaharama Sandagirimahaseya and its Precinct.

Sandagiri Dagoba is in the Tissamaharama District Secretariat Division about a mile from the Tissa tank.

Sandagiri Dagoba had been built during the reign of  King Kavantissa or King Mahanaga of Rohana. Chronicles mention of Sandagiri Vihara or Chandana Vihara Dagoba being renovated by King Vijayabahu I (1055-1110 AD). One of the eight seedlings of the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree  was ceremonially planted in the 2nd c B.C. in Candana Village.

Excavations done in the recent past has revealed the presence of a massive Bodhi Ghara, which is considered to be reminiscent of the Bodhi Ghara built when the seedling of the Sri Maha Bodhi was planted in the precincts of the temple. The existance of the ruins of an Image House and the fragments of ruins of indiscernible  buildings were discoverd near the  Bodhi Ghara. In the vicinity of the temple is found an octogonal shaped stone pillar with inscriptions belonging to tha sons of king Bhatikabhaya and King Vasabha. The inscriptions say that the taxes derived from Duratisa tank, the Abagamaka tank and the paddy fields at Patigama had been donated for the performace of the religious ceremony of the temple.