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Kasagala Vihara

Kasagala could be reached by travelling a distance of 9km from the Ranna Junction along the Ranna-Weeraketiya Road.

It is accepted that the temple is a creation of King Kavantissa. The place  known as ‘Kasagala’ in the historic past is mentioned in the inscription discovered dating to the period from 2nd c. BC to 2nd c. AD. AD. According to the Chronocles King Dappula of Rohana had renovated it in 659.   King Vijayabahu I ( 1055-1110AD) is said to have  added new features to the temple. King Kirti Sri Rajasingha (1747 – 1780 AD) had donated temporalities and a gilt Buddha image to the temple and had conducted a pagent as a tribute to Lord Buddha’s Tooth Relic. The temple is adorned with paintings depicting the style of the maritime provinces of the Kandyan era.