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Gothapabbata Vihara at Godawaya

Gothapabbata Vihara can be reached by proceeding on Matara – Tissamaharama Road and after passing the 142 mile post proceed a little further  and near the Dehigahalanda Maha Vidyalaya proceed on the road about 01 km.

It has been accepted that this vihara, situated near the estuary of  the Walawe River was built by King Gotabhaya who reigned in the Rohana kingdom in the second century B.C..

According to the inscription of King Gajaba I (112-134 A.D.) the customs duty collected from the Godapavata Harbour had been donated to the Godapavata monastery. This is the only written evidence so far discovered to say that there had been a harbour in situ. With the discovery of Roman and other foreign coins from the archaeological excavations done at the site, this can be identified as an ancient trade centre of some importance. The remains that can be identified from the Godapavata monastery are the pillars, pillar foundations and brick monuments. From the inscriptions and other architectural remains it can be assumed that this monastery received support from the kings.