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Rajakulawadana Viharaya

Rajakulvadana Vihara, which is in the town limits of Weligama and considered to be a part of the Agrabodhi Vihara belongs to the Weligama Divisional Secretariat Division.

The Pirivena, built for Agrabodhi Vihara by a Commander-in-Chief named Svarajakulavardhana Devadhikari in the reign of Queen Kalyanavati (1202-1208 A.D.) of the Polonnaruva period could be this vihara. This vihara is mentioned in the Kokila Sandeshaya as well.

The inscription of the Rajakulavadana Vihara mentions about a donation of the four requisites for a day given to the monks coming from the four quarters by King Bhuvanekabahu IV and  a structure built by Kaluparakramabahu, the Counsellor giving wages  to the servants. It states further that a coconut grove had been bought and offered for the maintenance of the vihara.