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Devinuwara RMV

Devinuvara Raja Maha Vihara is situated about six km away from Matara, facing the Matara – Tangalla High Road.

It is believed that this vihara, once known as Kihireli Pirivena was built by King Dappula I who reigned in ancient Rohana. According to an inscription discovered from Devinuvara there is evidence that King Vijayabahu I (1055 – 1110 A.D.) has caused repairs to a vihara in this place. It could be assumed that this was the vihara mentioned in the inscription. An inscription of King Nissankamalla (1187 – 1196 A.D.) mentions that he had visited Devinuvara Vihara and worshipped. According to the evidence found in the Chronicles King Veerabahu, nephew of King Pandita Parakramabahu, who reigned at Dambadeniya had established the Nandana Pirivena in this place. During the 13-14 centuries this vihara was repaired from time to time and was destroyed later by the Portuguese invasions.