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Star Fort Matara

After the Rebellion at Matara in 1761 A.D. the Matara Fort was occupied by the Sinhalese. Then again the Dutch took possession of the fort in 1762 A.D. and had converted it into a protective structure constructing it to have the shape of a star. The Star Fort which was started to be built in 1763 A.D. had been completed in 1765 A.D. A person named Orukema Muhandiram  was in charge of the construction work under Governor Van Reek. The Star Fort had been used to deploy small defensive troops of the Dutch Army. Round the Fort a moat and a drawbridge with arches at the main gate have been built. After the main gate there are two similar gates and two inner rooms. In the middle of the Fort a well had been built. Star Fort came under the British rule in 1796 A.D. It had been declared an Archaeological Reserve by the Archaeological Department in 1980.