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Tiriyaya hamlet is situated in the East Kaddukulam Pattu District Secertary’s Division of the Trincomalee District. Tiriyaya is accessible from the turnoff between the 27th and the 28th mile posts on the Trincomalee-Pulmuddai Road. The Vatadage is located on the hillock in the west of Tiriyaya.  The approach to the dagoba is through a flight of steps in the South of the hillock. The dagoba which was originally small in size had been enlarged in the 8th century A.D. and a Vatadage built enclosing it. The Vatadage, which is built on a circular platform has two concentric rows of stone pillars. Encircling the pillars is a brick wall containing orifices to secure timber columns. Flights of steps leading to the Vatadage from the four cardinal directions end up at four flower alters. A cave in the environs of the Vatadage has an inscription dating to the pre Christian era. A rock outcrop in the vicinity contains an 8th century Sanskrit rock inscription. According to folk lore Tiriyaya is the Buddhist temple known as Girihanduseya claimed to have been built by the merchant brothers Tapassu and Bhalluka.