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Ridi kanda

Gomarankadawala Town can be reached on the Trincomalee – Anuradhapura Road turning off at Pankulama Junction and proceeding towards Tiriyaya. Ridikanda is about 8km after turning to the left at Gomarankadawala.

Evidence can be gained from the remains of the monastic complex that it had been built according to the Pancavasa or the five-unit monastery system. In this site the remains of a stupa, pratimaghara, uposathaghara, Bodhighara etc. exist. There are two ponds used to collect water to comply with the needs of the resident monks. About fifteen caves with drip-ledges are among the rock boulders of various sizes are found. A part of an image of the Buddha cut on stone and a torso of a Buddha image remain in the site now.