The temple is in the Tissamaharama  District Secretariat Division and could be reached by traversing about a mile from the Tissamaharama Dagoba along the Hambantota –Tissamaharama  road.

According to folklore this dagoba with temple  was built and donated to Thera Aritta by Sub King  Mahanaga in 3rd c B.C. as a memento of his queen giving birth to his son at this spot when he and his family was fleeing from the enemy to Rohana. The chronicle Dhatuvamsa  has reference to the Dagoba being built by King Mahanaga.While restoration work  of the Dagoba and the premises were in progress  bricks with early Brahmi charachters and 4 gold relic caskets inlaid with semi precious stones were dicovered. The discovery of ruins of buildings with stone pillars and walls points to the fact that a huge monastery may have existed in this location in the past.

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