Veligama Agrabodhi

Agrabodhi Vihara of the Weligama Divisional Secretariat Division is situated in the town limits of Weligama. Bodhivamsa, the chronicle of the Bodhi Tree mentions that one of the Bodhi saplings out of the thirty two Bodhi saplings originally got from the Sacred Bodi Tree was planted here. According to the folklore, the name Aggabodhi was given to the vihara, due to the fact that it was built by King Aggabodhi IV (667-683 A.D.) who reigned in the Rohana kingdom. Chronicle further mentions that Patarajakulavardhana Devadhikari, the Commander-in-Chief of Queen Kalyanavati in the Polonnaruva period has built a Pirivena in this vihara. There is evidence to say that an image house was built by King Parakramabahu IV (1302-1326 A.D.) and King Bhuvanekabahu IV (1341-1351 A.D.) and his Commander-in-Chief, named Senalankadhikari have made offerings to this vihara. There is mention about the Agrabodhi Vihara in the Sandesha poems, such as Tisara, Parevi and Kovul. The village named Algiri has been donated to this vihara in the 12th century A.D. This vihara was destroyed with the other viharas during the invasions of the Portuguese. An inscription in the premises of the vihara states that during the reign of King Kirti Sri Rajasimha the vihara was renovated.

Paintings and the statues of the image house depict the style of the Kandyan period.

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