Devundara Vishnu Devala

Vishnu Devale at Devinuvara, dedicated to God Upulvan is six km. away from Matara, facing the Matara – Tangalla High Road. It is situated in the precincts of the Devinuvara Raja Maha Vihara.

It is believed that this was the Devale to have been built by King Dappula and dedicated to God Upulvan. It had been very often mentioned in the Sandesha Poetry of the Kotte period. Images of the deity including the God of Alutnuvara, God Saman, Goddess Pattini, Valliamma and God Devol and the paintings found inside the Devale are very special. Paintings of Dasa Avatara, Shiva, Ganesha, Pattini, Shiva Vatuka, Shiva Tandava, the twelve signs of the Zodiac are seen in the Antaralaya.

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