Velgam Vehera is situated in Periyakulam in the Divisional Secretary’s Division of Kaddukulam East Pattu of the Trincomalee District and can be reached by turning off to the north at the 6th mile post on the Trincomalee-Horowpatana Road and proceeding for about five miles.

Velgam Vehera was renamed by the Colas as Rajarajaperumpalli when they conquered Anuradhapura and established their rule in Polonnaruva in the eleventh century. On top of the hill above the site are the remains of a dagoba. On a nearby rock outcrop an inscription of a Commander-in-Chief named Abhaya in the reign of King Bhatiya Tissa II (142 – 168 A.D.) had been discovered. The inscription belonging to the 2nd centur A.D. states that a monastery of that date at the site had the name Abhayagara. In an area enclosed by a wall are the ruins of several image houses and a dagoba. In one of these image houses the remains of a recumbent Buddha statue made of brick is found. The statues in the other image houses are of stone. Dagoba in the site stands on a square platform.

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